Hinkley Point C new nuclear development

Supporting discharge of marine licence conditions and DCO requirements of HPC Nuclear New Build development

ABPmer has been providing marine scientific advice to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) since 2013. Our team of marine ecologists and coastal process specialists has been supporting the discharge of marine licence conditions and Development Consent Order requirements of the Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build development.

Under three advisory contracts we have completed numerous reviews of supporting documentation focusing on aspects of coastal ecology and biodiversity, coastal physical characteristics and processes, and marine ornithology.

Under the initial contract, our services ranged from Evidence Checks on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) through to providing advice on the economic methodologies for the associated Impact Assessment (MMO required independent expertise to review the scope, methodologies, and outputs from the Impact Assessment as part of its marine planning quality assurance process) and EIA in-house training.

With the focus now on discharging licence conditions, we have been providing longstanding support on fish entrapment, and physical process support on marine licence variation applications relating to the marine infrastructure.