Coastal Infrastructure

Helping developers plan, design and implement projects at the coast

Major cities, heavy industry and significant infrastructure assets are often located on or near coasts and estuaries.

Such positioning brings with it unique challenges not just due to flooding and coastal erosion risks but also compensating for any damage to the natural environment and adapting in the face of climate change.

ABPmer has a 70-year history of helping clients plan, design and protect infrastructure and developments at the coast.

Thanks to our multi-disciplined technical teams we provide a one-stop shop consultancy service, offering feasibility advice and options appraisal, to EIA, consents and licensing, design and post construction monitoring.

Market leaders in managed realignment and habitat creation we support developers, regulators and conservation bodies in the delivery of habitat creation and restoration as part of compensation and mitigation packages.

We apply a systems-based approach. Our deliverables are founded on a detailed hydrographic, geomorphological and ecological understanding, allowing us to plan and design for both extreme events and the every day.

Our technical teams are at the forefront of adaptive management. We provide advice, modelling (hydrodynamic, sediment, wave, metocean and coastal evolution) and a range of coastal assessments tailored to the specific needs of a client’s objectives.

We work closely with a range of sectors including coastal defence authorities, waterside developers, power stations and transport agencies to manage flood risk and resilience.

Recognised as marine specialists, we regularly prepare environmental statements for coastal and offshore developments, undertake baseline and post-consent monitoring surveys and are retained by regulators to provide advice on nationally significant infrastructure projects.

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