Survey and Monitoring Services

Supporting your marine or coastal project with ecological, environmental, hydrographic, geophysical, metocean and topographic surveys

Marine and coastal survey data supports many different decisions. It is used to inform project feasibility, design and environmental impact assessment, as well as operational management such as asset integrity or safety of navigation.

ABPmer offers the full complement of survey capability providing bespoke services to developers and operators including charting, data processing and laboratory analysis. We also prepare survey specifications and manage survey procurement and delivery on behalf of our clients.

We undertake both intensive short-term studies of baseline conditions and long-term monitoring campaigns including monitoring to discharge marine licence conditions.

All survey disciplines can be offered as a standalone service or as part of wider integrated consultancy project.

As well as our extensive range of vessels and instrumentation for data collection, we operate a fully equipped sediment analysis laboratory.

We employ hydrographers, ecologists, environmental scientists, geomorphologists, lab technicians, marine mammal observers and ornithologists.

All our surveys include comprehensive planning, acquisition, analysis and reporting.


Hydrographic surveys

Bathymetry is required for safety of navigation, port operations and development, habitat mapping, planning and maintenance of offshore constructions, dredging activities, cable/pipeline integrity assessments.

ABPmer provides high resolution multibeam and singlebeam bathymetric surveys for a wide range of applications, and assistance in the interpretation of results.

Oceanographic surveys

ABPmer conducts vessel-based and seabed deployed oceanographic monitoring surveys to provide current flow speed/direction, wave climate, water quality and suspended sediment information.

Geophysical surveys

For many development projects, required data goes beyond what can be observed on the seabed surface; the composition and conditions of the sub-seabed should also be known.

ABPmer provides a geophysical service delivering:

  • Seafloor composition imagery
  • Debris and obstruction detection
  • Rock and sediment layer identification and characterisation

Topographic surveys

Topographic survey data supports a wide range of marine activities, including beach monitoring, habitat mapping and saltmarsh and reedbed extent mapping.

ABPmer intertidal topographic surveys use high resolution camera photogrammetry for the utmost precision. All aerial surveys are conducted using real-time kinematic positioning from a base station or post-processed using the Ordnance Survey network of active base stations.

Ecological surveys

ABPmer has substantial Phase 1 intertidal habitat survey experience, including soft sediment and rocky reef communities. Projects frequently include the collection of survey data and translation into habitat maps.

We also design and undertake bespoke surveys focused on protected habitats and species.

ABPmer has extensive subtidal marine ecological survey experience for benthic habitats, as well as the characterisation of epibenthic communities using grabs and drop down camera/video.

Our ornithologists are highly experienced in undertaking dedicated surveys of coastal waterbirds and seabirds for baseline and post-consent monitoring studies.

We are also experienced in GPS tagging for telemetry studies and night vision optics for nocturnal surveys.

ABPmer assists with dedicated marine mammal surveys for baseline characterisation purposes and impact monitoring programmes, including JNCC mitigation protocols. This includes the application of transect-based vessel surveys, coastal vantage point methods and passive acoustic monitoring approaches.

Sediment analysis

To complement data acquisition, we operate a fully equipped sediment analysis laboratory, providing data analysis, processing and presentation. We participate in the NMBAQCS Quality Control Scheme for particle size analysis, and comply with BS EN872 for determination of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) for water sampling strategies.

Service areas


  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Topographic monitoring


  • Coastal and offshore ornithology surveys
  • Drop-down video surveys
  • Fish and epibenthic sampling
  • Intertidal macrofaunal sampling
  • Marine mammal surveys
  • NVC based coastal vegetation surveys
  • Phase 1 Intertidal Habitat Surveys
  • Plankton surveys
  • Subtidal benthic grab sampling

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