How we work

We pride ourselves on our commitment to service excellence

We recognise that others may do what we do, but not how we do it; our service and delivery are what sets us apart.

Bespoke delivery team

The knowledge, experience and technical ability of our people is what makes ABPmer the company it is. For each project we carefully match the skills and experience to the brief so that every project team is unique. Regardless of discipline, we work as an integrated delivery team.

Right from the start

At the outset of every project, a detailed delivery plan is prepared and a startup meeting is often organised with the client. A principal aim of such activities is to ensure we have a full understanding of client requirements, agreed how best to report on progress, and that the client is satisfied with our proposed approach.

Check and confirm

Once work is underway, we regularly communicate progress using the client’s chosen method; formal milestone reports, conversations or meetings. This means we can respond to changes in scope, findings or new requirements as well as confirm we are still on brief.

Meet expectations

To know how we perform against expectations, towards the end of a project, all clients are asked to complete an online survey. This is designed to help us understand how our service is perceived, identify delivery weaknesses and respond to any issues in a timely and appropriate manner.

Client satisfaction survey: 2019 results

We know that client loyalty is derived from satisfaction, so we take it seriously, asking every client to complete a feedback survey. The survey asks for an assessment of our performance on a scale of 1-10 across different areas of the client’s experience; feedback is used to inform service improvements where relevant.

The e-survey was sent to all clients whose projects were nearing completion during 2019. Of those contacted, more than three in four responded, providing an overall satisfaction score of 88%.

The results show that 90% of respondents rank ABPmer’s customer experience better or much better than similar consultancies.

We are consistently rated highly for our professionalism, technical ability and responsiveness.