Metocean Services

Supporting safe, fit-for-purpose engineering design and operational planning

Understanding and quantifying the dominant and extreme meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) processes for a location or region is essential for safe, fit-for-purpose maritime engineering design and operational planning.

Our highly experienced metocean specialists work with advanced analytical tools and high-quality meteorological, wave, current and water level datasets, many developed in-house.

Our capabilities and experience are worldwide. This includes knowledge of nearshore, coastal, shelf sea and ocean dynamics, together with a strong appreciation of coastal and offshore engineering and operating practices.

Metocean criteria

We provide metocean criteria to support seismic exploration and drilling, initial feasibility assessment, concept selection, Front End Engineering Design, final engineering design, ocean transportation, installation, operation and decommissioning.

Our consultants are experienced in meeting the requirements of international certifying authorities.

Numerical modelling

We undertake advanced numerical modelling, complemented with use of satellite remote sensing and state-of-the-art analytical techniques to service client requirements flexibly, rigorously, fast and cost-effectively.

Weather downtime calculations

High profile contractors, developers and operators regularly use our Weather Downtime Express (WDTX) service and related statistics to inform and optimise operational planning, tender pricing and programme management.

Global metocean data

Our online Data Explorer provides access to global metocean data, analyses and statistics. Users instantly discover the world’s wind and wave climate, obtain metocean analyses and download wave and wind rose plots created using our datasets.

Service areas

  • Worldwide metocean criteria for feasibility assessment, FEED and final engineering design
  • Metocean statistics for operational planning 
  • Global weather downtime statistics and on-demand service
  • Validated long-term datasets from in-house modelling
  • Compliance with requirements of international certifying authorities
  • Strategic planning and site evaluation
  • Metocean survey
  • Associated EIA, consenting, maritime (navigation risk) and sediment mobility services

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