We help all kinds of clients to achieve their objectives

ABPmer provides technical support and advice to all marine and maritime sectors, developers, engineering consultants, regulators, policy-makers and conservation bodies.

Our success lies with our extensive knowledge and understanding of one of the most complex environments on earth, and our experience spanning a diverse range of sectors and client needs.

Cables and Pipelines

Advising cable and pipeline projects on location, management and environmental risk.

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Coastal Infrastructure

Helping developers plan, design and implement projects at the coast.

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Fisheries and Aquaculture

Assisting governments, regulators and the industry in developing policy, assessment and management.

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Supporting the management and regulation of our marine environment through planning and policy.

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Marine Conservation

Identifying potential solutions to environmental constraints at all stages of marine developments.

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Marine Minerals

Delivering project-level support and strategic planning of resource exploitation.

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Oil and Gas

Helping the industry operate efficiently, safely and sustainably.

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Ports, Harbours, Marinas

Supporting the successful management of land, assets and quay space at ports and terminals.

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Assisting power station owners and operators with the unique challenges of operating on the coast.

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Supporting developments in offshore wind, wave, tidal stream, tidal lagoon and tidal barrage.

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