Fisheries and Aquaculture

Assisting governments, regulators and the industry in policy development, assessment and management

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture have an important role in food security and coastal economies. The UK’s exit from the EU provides new opportunities for reshaping fisheries management and policy in UK waters.

However, fishing grounds are under considerable pressure from historic overfishing and demands for space by other users, for example renewable energy. At the same time, aquaculture is becoming an important contributor to meeting the demand for seafood.

ABPmer assists governments and regulators in developing fisheries policy, assessment and management, including addressing interactions between fisheries, marine protected areas (MPAs) and other marine developments. We work closely with the fishing industry to better understand and reduce the impacts of fishing.

We are at the forefront of Brexit thinking in relation to fisheries, including reimagining fisheries governance arrangements in the North-East Atlantic, and analysing fishing access and trade scenarios related to leaving the EU and Common Fisheries Policy.

Our expertise in socio-economic impact assessment has contributed to numerous assessments of the potential impact on the fisheries sector of offshore wind development and MPA management measures.

Recognised leaders in environmental impact assessment, we undertake assessments of commercial fisheries for EIAs.

Specialists in aquaculture consenting and policy, we provide full planning and licensing support including navigational risk assessments for aquaculture developments.

Our depth of understanding of the history and policy of fisheries and aquaculture, combined with thoughtful analysis underpinned by sound and thorough research, has made us highly regarded and industry recognised.

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