Ports, Harbours, Marinas

Supporting the successful management of land, assets and quay space at ports and terminals

With the constant need to meet the requirements of a wide set of port customers, successfully managing land, assets and quay space at ports and terminals is critical.

When responding to market drivers and changes in customer, providers often need to upgrade their infrastructure, provide deep water berths and/or improve marine access to the port itself.

The same is true in marine recreation and the maritime facilities serving this sector.

Uniquely placed to help you

As part of the Associated British Ports Group, ABPmer is uniquely placed to deliver specialist services to ports, harbours and marinas.

We have over 70 years' experience providing consultancy support concerning infrastructure development, capital and maintenance dredging and port risk management.

We know that the successful design and operation of ports, terminals and marinas is dependent on understanding operational needs, complying with legislation and understanding environmental conditions.

Supporting ever-changing facilities

We work with commercial teams to prepare bespoke port master plans that are used to engage with stakeholders, inform budget planning and advise local planning authorities of future aspirations.

We provide specialist advice on both new and change of use facilities, consents and licensing requirements, safety of navigation and environmental issues.

By combining the specialist knowledge and technical skills of our multi-discipline teams we support all phases of a project’s lifecycle taking clients from feasibility through planning consent to implementation and monitoring.

Our dedicated maritime specialists provide all services to support port and terminal operators in meeting the obligations of the Port Marine Safety Code.

Service areas

  • Consents and licensing
  • Data and GIS solutions
  • Design support
  • Maritime risk
  • Masterplanning
  • Survey and monitoring

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