Design Support

Specialist knowledge to inform safe, appropriate infrastructure design; nearshore, offshore and at the coast

All safe, effective and sustainable design requires understanding of the operating environment. Over-design of structures can have a significant impact on cost whilst under-design can be catastrophic.

When the location is offshore or at the coast, understanding the complex physical and oceanographic processes in play is the foundation on which design decisions are made.

ABPmer has been supporting the design and construction of offshore and coastal infrastructure for more than 70 years. Our technical knowledge and experience is applied throughout a project lifecycle, providing input to design from business case and pre-feasibility to FEED and construction.

A recognised leader in offshore, coastal and estuarine numerical modelling, our services are underpinned by sophisticated numerical models of waves, hydrodynamics, sediments, plumes, water quality and morphological change.

Our design support service includes:

  • Extremes analysis and overtopping studies
  • Coastal process assessment
  • Seabed mobility studies
  • Water level variations and tides
  • Breaking wave assessment
  • Port dredge design and optimisation studies

We work with engineering consultancies, renewable developers, port operators, transport infrastructure providers, utility companies, contractors and flood and coastal erosion risk authorities.

Our specialist design input has contributed to everything from sea walls and beaches, jetties and slipways to power station outfalls, cable installation and offshore wind turbines.

Our knowledge and understanding is shared through guidance documents prepared on behalf of government and regulators, as well as in-house training.

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