Marine Planning Services

Policy development, socio-economic assessment, spatial analysis and stakeholder engagement services in support of marine plans

Marine spatial planning processes are increasingly being adopted by coastal states to assist with the sustainable management of their seas. This can take various forms including preparation of statutory plans for the integrated management of marine activities or the development of specific sectoral plans such as for Marine Protected Areas or offshore wind.

The development of such plans is usually underpinned by strategic environmental or socio-economic assessments to inform plan development and implementation.

Strategic scale marine planning

ABPmer is a recognised thought leader in marine planning with extensive experience of strategic scale holistic and sectoral planning.

We led the preparation of the UK’s first pilot marine plan in the Irish Sea and have since contributed to and continue to support national marine planning processes across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

We undertake applied research studies to support marine planning implementation, including projects to collect and process spatial data, extend the evidence base, help develop plan policies and design monitoring regimes.

Sectoral marine planning

We routinely support Government agencies and regulators in developing sector specific marine plans.

We have supported many sectoral marine planning processes, including for:

We worked closely with Marine Scotland in the development of three offshore wind plans, Welsh Government concerning aquaculture and The Crown Estate on planning for aggregates and marine renewables.

Service areas

  • Constraints mapping
  • Economic assessment
  • Sectoral marine plans
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Options appraisal

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