Risk is unavoidable in maritime operations. Port and harbour authorities have a duty to follow the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), the UK’s national framework for ensuring port risk is maintained as low as reasonably practicable.

ABPmer has an in-depth knowledge of the PMSC and, as a subsidiary of Associated British Ports, a wealth of experience providing operational expertise to port operations of all sizes.

We are routinely appointed as the independent Designated Person (DP). Our DPs facilitate hazard identification workshops, advise on marine risk management and undertake safety management system compliance audits.

ABPmer offers a Marine Safety Management Systems (MSMS) author and review service. We create and test procedures, incorporating best practice and guidance from the Code’s Guide to Good Practice and routinely carry out gap-analysis of safety management systems against PMSC requirements.

With ageing port infrastructure, worsening storm conditions and ever-larger vessels, the risk of bollard failure is increasing. Port and harbour authorities benefit from ABPmer’s Optimoor based mooring assessment service, helping them understand and fix bollard issues before accidents happen.

Navigation Risk Assessments (NRAs) identify and assess the hazards and risks affecting vessel navigation, before considering current controls to mitigate risks, and identifying further controls that could minimise risk as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). Our Maritime team has extensive experience providing NRAs for developments of all sizes, and for all stages of consenting.

ABPmer’s maritime specialists regularly complete PMSC ‘Health Check’ audits for port and harbour authorities, including a comprehensive review of the Marine Safety Management System, a key requirement of the Code.

An essential part of port risk management is the maintenance and coordination of control measures. ABPmer’s port assessment toolkit, MarNIS, provides a pro-active approach to risk management, helping port authorities, Harbour Masters and Port Safety Managers meet and exceed industry standards on risk management. The user-friendly software is used by more than 55 ports to execute self-assessment, including port data gathering, port hazard identification, risk assessment, accident/incident recording and review.

ABPmer’s training courses for port and marine professionals are delivered by subject matter experts to support marine operations in ports and harbours.

Service areas

  • Aids to navigation review
  • Designated Person (PMSC)
  • Marine Safety Management Systems
  • Mooring studies
  • Navigational Risk Assessments (NRA)
  • Port marine risk management software
  • Port safety health check ‘shoreside’ following the HSE’s ACOP
  • PMSC audit
  • Risk review/stakeholder workshop

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