Marine Conservation

Identifying potential solutions to environmental constraints at all stages of marine developments

Ineffective management of natural resources use is contributing to ongoing marine biodiversity decline. Sustainable development demands that robust mechanisms are put in place to reverse this.

ABPmer provides a range of specialist conservation advice to nature conservation bodies operating in the marine environment around the world.

Supporting MPAs and conservation initiatives

We have extensive experience with projects to designate and manage Marine Protected Areas as well as wider marine biodiversity conservation in our seas, such as better protection for priority habitats and species. These initiatives are an important measure in seeking to address marine biodiversity decline.

We routinely apply our knowledge of marine nature conservation requirements to development projects, particularly in relation to compliance with legislation like the Habitats Regulations, Marine & Coastal Access Act or protection of priority habitats and species or European Protected Species. We also have leading expertise in ecological enhancement and net gain.

Mitigation, offsetting and monitoring

We work with developers from project outset to identify potential solutions to environmental constraints, based on application of the mitigation hierarchy. Where residual impacts remain, we provide clear advice on how these can be offset in accordance with legal and policy requirements.

We are practiced in securing agreements with stakeholders for the development of legally enforceable mitigation, offsetting and monitoring programmes. This includes selecting, designing and assessing the impacts of newly created coastal and marine habitat as an offsetting requirement.

Scheme design

A recognised leader in designing schemes to create, restore and protect vulnerable inter-tidal habitats, we work with natural processes to provide sensitive and sustainable solutions.

Our specialists have provided scientific advice to some of the largest managed realignment schemes ever implemented in Europe: Defra AllFleets Marsh, RSPB Wallasea Wild Coast and Environment Agency Medmerry.

We also undertake the environmental design and assessment of innovative offsetting measures and undertake leading research on marine habitat creation, restoration and marine net gain.

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Header photo courtesy Andrew Pearson

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