Data and GIS Solutions

Geospatial and data consultancy for operational, policy and development decision-making

The ever-increasing availability of spatial data can help us better understand and manage resources, operations and the environment. However, the ‘big data revolution’ brings a whole raft of data management, analysis and interpretation challenges.

To make the most of the data available, a sound understanding of data architecture, audit, management, standardisation, manipulation and presentation is required.

Using industry-leading geospatial software (ArcGIS, AutoCAD Map3D, ESRI, Global Mapper), our highly experienced Data team offers Geographic Information System (GIS), data management and charting services including:

  • Data sourcing
  • Quality assurance
  • Standard-compliant metadata
  • Bespoke GIS-tools
  • Spatial analysis
  • Map production

We have extensive experience of online data dissemination; developing interactive webGIS applications, 3D visualisations and engaging Storymaps to share projects with stakeholder groups.

We work with all forms of spatial data, including Automatic Identification System (AIS), hydrographic, topographic, LiDAR, metocean, commercial fisheries, habitat, recreational and cultural data and are known for developing innovative GIS models to decode and display data in meaningful ways for assessment and decision-making purposes.

Our team’s specialist skills have been used to support a wide range of environmental, socio-economic and navigational risk assessment.

The team offers tailored data integration, database development and GIS management services for clients, with the capability to architect, implement and provide ongoing support to desktop and online geospatial platforms. Applications range from real-time data solutions and analytical reporting interfaces to complex stakeholder applications such as the ABP property and compliance solution built on new GIS IT infrastructure.

We share knowledge through our Coastal and Marine GIS training course. Delivered in collaboration with GeoData, it uses data from real world consultancy projects to illustrate how datasets can be mapped, analysed and used to support the decision-making process.

We also create and deliver bespoke GIS training on request, tailored to meet client needs.

Service areas


  • LiDAR & point cloud processing
  • Curation of new data products
  • Digital terrain modelling
  • Collation, management and standardisation
  • Quality assurance and standard-compliant metadata creation


  • Constraints and risk mapping
  • Habitat and feature mapping
  • Multi-criteria evaluation
  • Shadow flicker analysis
  • Site selection and characterisation
  • Volumetric calculations


  • 3D conceptual visualisations
  • Fly through animations
  • Figure production
  • Bathymetry charting and ENC production
  • Pipeline and cable route charting
  • Web mapping


  • Participatory GIS
  • End-to-end geospatial solutions
  • Database and reporting applications
  • Data integration processes
  • Desktop GIS model and tool production
  • WebGIS applications

GIS training and support services

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