Company culture

What to expect when you join ABPmer

We know there is more to life than work; that’s why our working practices are based on supporting your wellbeing, so you can enjoy your time in and out of the office.

Working here means…

Connecting with others

You will be part of a specific service delivery team so you can learn with and mentor others. Through project work and skills sharing you will also regularly interact with clients and others across the company.

And it’s not all work and no play; we regularly get together informally during working hours and formally to mark occasions and share company news.

Keeping active

Whether you do it before, on the way, after, during work or at other times we know that regular physical activity - be that walking, gardening, swimming, cycling, playing sport or dancing - makes you feel good.

At ABPmer we support you in finding and doing physical activities you enjoy by providing flexible working hours, discounts on leading retailers, travel and technology as well as showers onsite, a secure bike store, and encouraging you to take part in the cycle to work scheme.

Becoming the best you can be

Whether it’s on the job or through dedicated courses, we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to training to help them in their role, as well as to grow in ways that are right for them and the company’s objectives.

We encourage everyone to take ownership of their learning and development, recognising that adult learning is correlated with positive effects on well-being, life satisfaction, optimism and efficacy.

Being part of an inclusive workplace

We are an equal opportunities employer, and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons, regardless of background. This helps us provide a diverse and inclusive working environment.

All colleagues are invited to participate in the ABP Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) networks, providing a safe space for colleagues to support each other and raise awareness around issues which affect them at work.

The D&I networks focus on ethnicity, faith and religion, gender ability (including mental health and disability) and LGBTQ+. The networks form part of our joint commitment to build a more inclusive, diverse and open working community, so colleagues can be themselves at work every day.

There is always something going on

Attending to, and being aware of, what is taking place in the present moment has been shown to predict positive mental states and enhance wellbeing.

To some this means mindfulness, and at ABPmer, colleagues can take advantage of regular meditation drop-in sessions.

To others it means taking notice of the world around you. Providing services across the marine sector means you will not only be involved in, but also be surrounded by, unique and exciting projects. Not to mention, being based at Town Quay, we are lucky to have plenty of interesting happenings right outside the window!

Giving to others

We know that individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. Our people get together to support personal, local and national charities. You can also donate part of your salary through our Give As You Earn Scheme.

ABPmer colleagues freely share their knowledge with local higher education establishments, government think tanks, national bodies and sector specific working groups, at conference and via downloadable White Papers from our websites.

Being looked after

We look after our people both through adhering to health and safety policy and by offering you an opportunity to take advantage of private medical insurance. By opting in, you can access faster and more accessible treatment when you need it. Those covered can use their cover to have extra diagnostic tests like scans and often have better access to post-treatment support like physiotherapy. If you want, you can cover your family too.

Financial wellbeing plays a keep part in people’s physical, mental and social health so we offer seminars on money management, what to think about in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, as well as retirement planning workshops.

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