Atlas of UK marine renewables resources

Learn about the development of the UK Renewables Atlas, the most recognised source of publicly available data of waves, tides and winds for UK waters.

In 2003, ABPmer initiated the development of an Atlas of the UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources to help government take forward its ambitions for the sector. Working with major marine data holders, Met Office and Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL), ABPmer’s Data Team managed the delivery of the Atlas bringing the data together into GIS data layers (maps).

The original Atlas was published in September 2004, and greater access to updated datasets was afforded via an online webGIS in 2008. Since 2011, the Atlas and associated downloads have been hosted on the ABPmer website. In 2017, these resources were made available on a dedicated microsite, the UK Renewables Atlas.

We retain an in-house development programme to extend the information made available through the Atlas and actively monitor uptake across the industry. We have also developed a set of unique exploration tools to complement the resource maps to enable a greater level of understanding at site selection. The Atlas continues to attract great interest across the industry and still remains as the most recognised source of freely available information of detailed regional descriptions of potential marine energy resources in UK waters.

To explore the Atlas and associated downloads, visit the UK Renewables Atlas microsite.