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Asset management for ports

[Update 26/01/16: the Port Marine Structure Guidance White Paper is now available to download]​

In developed countries, much port infrastructure is over 100 years old which can make routine management and maintenance difficult.

An asset management system (AMS) is designed to monitor and maintain items of value (assets). For a port group it can be used to manage tangible assets such as buildings, cranes and quay walls as well as intangible assets like human capital, intellectual property and financial assets. The level of detail can also vary in granularity from the concept of treating a whole port as an asset, down to the finer details of an asset within an asset group or type. Such a system can provide structured, routine and methodical management of a port’s asset base throughout an asset’s life.

We have recently developed an AMS for Associated British Ports, the UK’s largest ports group. Drawing from this experience we have contributed to a new White Paper that will shortly be released by ARC Marine entitled Marine Port Structure Guidance. The Paper offers an overview of the key issues typically affecting marine port structures and provides guidance as to current technical references.

We will share the Paper in our next E-zine as well as on our website.

For more information on Port Asset Management, email Chris Jackson or call +44 (0)23 8071 1856.