Marine Consents and Licensing Training

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Undertaking an activity or planning a development, whether at the coast or further offshore, often leads to stepping through a minefield of consents, licences and permissions.

Perhaps you are already familiar with marine planning and licensing. But are you certain of which activities do not require a licence, or when the accelerated licensing process can be invoked?

What about a Harbour Works Licence, an Environmental Permit, or what to consider in the marine chapters of an Environmental Impact Assessment?

Course overview

The Marine Consents and Licensing training builds knowledge and understanding of the UK marine planning and consenting regime to enable participants to fully engage with the process, regulators and wider stakeholders.

Delivered by ABPmer’s highly experienced planning and consents specialists, our one-day course covers:

  • An in-depth review of the legislative framework
  • When and where licences are required at the coast and further offshore
  • The key assessments required to support marine licence application
  • Stakeholder roles and responsibilities

The course uses a variety of training styles, including exercises and breakouts to encourage active engagement and maximise learning.

Participants will work with real case studies tailored to your sector of interest, giving you practical experience in applying the knowledge gained.

Who should attend?

Developers and contractors operating in the marine and coastal zone. Terrestrial planning or environmental professionals who work on coastal developments. Regulatory staff, statutory consultees and other stakeholders.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will understand:

  • The broad legislative framework covering the marine environment informing the consenting process
  • The marine licensing process from start to finish, and when and where licences are required
  • Roles and responsibilities of developers, contractors, key regulators and wider stakeholders
  • The key assessments required to support marine licence application
  • Likely challenges faced in licence applications, and how to overcome them

Course dates

Scheduled to your timescale.


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