Assisting power station owners and operators with the unique challenges of operating on the coast

Power stations located on the coast pose a challenge to designers, engineers and managers due to their high development cost and long asset life. In particular, careful consideration needs to be given to coastal change, future flooding and the marine ecosystem.

ABPmer is an established provider of specialist services to support power station owners and operators, from conventional CCGT to nuclear projects.

We lead the entire marine impact assessment process, from scoping and environmental baseline through planning and mitigation through to post-consent monitoring.

We have particular expertise in hydrodynamic and water quality modelling together with in-depth experience of preparing marine EIAs and supporting assessments. We also undertake marine geophysical and ecological surveys to support development projects and decommissioning plans.

Such is our knowledge and expertise, we are regularly called on by operators and regulators alike to provide specialist environmental advice and input. This includes support in obtaining environmental permit variations for new/modified effluent discharges, COMAH risk assessments and marine licences for operational works.

Our technical teams are at the forefront of climate change and adaptive management. We model, assess and advise how to manage flood risk and asset resilience.

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