Oil and Gas

Helping the industry operate efficiently, safely and sustainably

Although the world is developing more sustainable energy supplies, oil and gas remain part of the energy mix.

However, the global oil and gas sector faces increasing pressure to operate efficiently, safely and sustainably, resulting in many challenges while working offshore.

ABPmer’s technical knowledge of the marine environment and offshore experience actively assists the industry in finding solutions to these challenges.

Our specialist teams provide support in the exploration and production of these natural resources as well as the decommissioning of wells no longer operational.

Our teams support licence applications and undertake environmental impact assessments for developers and regulators.

We prepare Environmental Management Plans and undertake net benefit analysis for decommissioning assessments.

We model drill cuttings and marine dispersion, provide specialist input to FEED and undertake scour studies and sediment mobility assessments.

SEASTATES, our metocean information service, informs multiple stages of oil and gas projects, including seismic survey planning, feasibility assessments, engineering design, ocean transportation, installation, operation and decommissioning.

Our tailored solutions for oil and gas are delivered by experienced, technical specialists using extensive marine databases.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plan development
  • Sediment mobility assessment and scour studies
  • Pipeline routeing and burial
  • Marine dispersion assessment and modelling
  • Maritime services, including Navigational Risk Assessment

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