Site selection for power station cooler

Supporting the installation of a water cooling system for the Grangemouth Renewable Energy Plant

The Caledonia Clean Energy Project involved the construction of a 570 MW (net) integrated gasification combined cycle power plant with carbon capture technology at the Port of Grangemouth on the Firth of Forth.

ABPmer was contracted by Arup to identify potential locations for the power station’s water cooling system infrastructure.

We undertook a high level desktop study to identify options for water cooling inlet and outfall structure placement. A major consideration for the location and for the eventual (efficient) operating of the Caledonia Clean Energy Project were the effects of the coastal processes on the recirculation/dispersion of the thermal plume throughout the tide and suspended sediment concentrations.

As part of our options appraisal, we also considered local port, navigation, marine ecology, designated sites and nature conservation interests.

ABPmer is a recognised authority in numerical modelling and metocean criteria, and is regularly called upon to provide technical input to engineering design that satisfies both consenting requirements and international standards.