Supporting Marine Spatial Planning in Indonesia

Sharing best practice on MSP implementation

ABPmer, working with Ernst & Young and the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University, was appointed by FCO to provide advice on the development of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in Indonesia as part of the UK Prosperity Fund Global Trade Programme.

Indonesia has been progressing the development of comprehensive marine spatial plans for its waters. This has included 34 plans for inshore waters (RZWP-3-K) and a single plan covering all offshore waters.

The study entailed a review of progress with implementing MSP in Indonesia and the development of recommendations and advice on areas within its MSP process where the Indonesian government might consider improvements based on international best practice in MSP.

As with all MSP initiatives, there are many challenges in seeking to develop comprehensive and meaningful plans. These include having sufficient spatial data and evidence to inform marine plan policies and challenges in building capacity to enable stakeholders to meaningfully engage in MSP processes. In particular adequate time needs to built into processes to enable stakeholders to contribute meaningfully.

Marine planning processes also need to be supported by meaningful appraisal of draft policies as they are developed so that the trade-offs are made transparent to decision-makers. Provision also needs to be made for effective ongoing monitoring of plans so that the contribution plans are making to desired outcomes can be understood.

ABPmer is a recognised thought leader in marine planning, with extensive experience of strategic and sectoral planning. We are regularly called to support national planning processes across the UK, Ireland and internationally, and undertake applied research studies to support implementation.

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