Supporting cable repair project with metocean statistics

Undertaking a bespoke metocean study to inform a planned cable repair for BT

Ahead of a planned cable repair off Scotland’s northern coast, BT commissioned ABPmer to deliver a bespoke metocean study to provide comparable workability statistics for a number of potential approaches, and other supporting information.

Our study was informed by:

  • Hindcast wind data from the NOAA CFSR Global Meteorological Hindcast Model database
  • Wave hindcast data from the regionally validated ABPmer SEASTATES European Wave Hindcast Model database
  • Hydrodynamic hindcast data from a regionally validated ABPmer high resolution model database

We undertook the study for three potential repair approaches, each with different weather limits: diver restricted operations, and the use of a cable installation buoyancy system under optimal and maximum workable conditions.

Our study delivered the following for each of the three approaches: 

  • Key conclusions comparing and quantifying the relative workability of the approach options throughout the year, summarised in a technical report
  • Scatter tables quantifying the frequency of occurrence for combinations of significant wave height, peak wave period and direction, wind speed and direction, and current speed and direction
  • An analysis of general weather windows statistics, quantifying the proportion of workable or weather downtime for a wide range of working limits by calendar month
  • An analysis of task specific weather downtime statistics based on the expected activities, limits and schedule
  • Timeseries predictions of tidal water levels and current speeds to assist scheduling

The results of the study helped guide BT’s investment in a cable floatation system, and successfully complete the repair operation with the new system, overcoming challenging weather conditions where divers would not have been able to work.

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