Stena Line Group Port Marine Safety Management System

Managing MSMS risk assessments using MarNIS software

Stena Line Ports Ltd (SLPL) is the Statutory Harbour Authority for four ports in Wales and Scotland, namely; Holyhead, Fishguard Loch Ryan Port and Stena Line Stranraer. These ports are primarily used by ferries operating the routes between the UK mainland and Ireland. The ports also have a number of other customers ranging from cargo to recreational users.

SLPL wanted a set of documents that detailed how the ports managed functions relevant to the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) and provide guidance to port users. In consultation with SLPL, ABPmer developed a series of manuals and policies that constitute the SLPL Marine Safety Management System (MSMS).

The MSMS includes a set of policies demonstrating the top-level commitment to the PMSC. The SLPL Group Marine Policy was produced and published to provide a public statement of the Group’s policies and confirmation of the adoption of the Port Marine Safety Code.

The MSMS manuals comprise a group documents detailing the areas and requirements which are common to all of the ports to ensure that there is consistency in management where possible. There are also separate local manuals giving further detail on how operations are carried out for each port and how any specific local requirements are managed.

The content of the MSMS is underpinned by a set of risk assessments covering marine operations. The assessments are managed using our MarNIS software, designed to meet the UK port marine requirements for risk assessment and accident/incident reporting.


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