Southampton waterbird monitoring

Coastal waterbird monitoring in Southampton Water for baseline characterisation

ABPmer is contracted by ABP to undertake coastal waterbird monitoring in Southampton Water for baseline characterisation purposes.

These surveys, ongoing since 2016, use the following techniques:

Abundance and distribution counts: Monthly counts of waterbirds on intertidal and adjacent coastal habitats based on Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) methods. These surveys are undertaken year-round to capture overwintering, passage and summer birds during both high water and low water periods. These coordinated counts cover an area of over 500 ha (including approximately 10 km of foreshore habitats) and involve a team including both experienced in-house and contracted surveyors.

Pre-dawn (nocturnal) surveys: Data collected using thermal imagery technology and dawn dispersal methods to understand the utilisation of habitats by coastal species nocturnally.

GPS tracking: The tagging of a range of species using GPS tagging technology including Curlew, Oystercatcher, Wigeon and Dark-bellied Brent Geese to track the movements of these species to understand distribution, habitat preferences and site fidelity of these species better.

ABPmer’s ecological surveyors regularly coordinate and undertake pre and post-consent monitoring for coastal and marine developers. As an integrated consultancy and survey company, ABPmer offers a unique service to those operating in the marine environment.


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