Socio-economic evidence base for offshore renewables

Informing a Sustainability Appraisal and BRIA for proposed wind, wave and tidal development in Scottish waters

ABPmer was commissioned by Marine Scotland to develop an evidence base to inform a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) and Sustainability Appraisal for proposed offshore wind, wave and tidal development areas in Scottish waters.

The assessment took account of the potential cost impacts to other marine users associated with possible development scenarios under the offshore wind, wave and tidal draft plans. It also assessed the potential social impacts of the draft plans. The results were presented by Scottish Offshore Renewable Energy Region for each draft plan and nationally for each draft plan. A cumulative impact assessment of the three draft plans was also prepared.

The outputs from the study informed the public consultation on the draft plans in July 2013. Option areas were subsequently included in the National Marine Plan for Scotland, published in early 2015.

Download the draft consultation at GOV.SCOT.

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