Dredging solution for Forth Ports

ABPmer helped Forth Ports reduce the financial and environmental costs of their sediment dredging operations.

The maintenance of navigable depths in ports, harbours, marinas and shipping channels is a statutory requirement for most harbour authorities. Where sedimentation occurs, maintenance dredging is undertaken to preserve water depths.

ABPmer was contracted by Forth Ports Limited to determine a preferred practical, environmental and cost effective way to manage the present siltation and, therefore, future maintenance dredging requirements.

Using existing data supported by in-house numerical modelling, we developed a conceptual understanding of the physical processes in the area. By combining this with an understanding of the port’s historical dredging campaigns, we developed options to reduce the siltation rates and the port’s maintenance dredging commitment. This is a win-win as it reduces the costs of future maintenance dredging while also reducing environmental impact.