PMSC Designated Person for Harwich Haven Harbour Authority

Providing independent assurance that the MSMS is working effectively and is compliant with the PMSC

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) is the national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. A central requirement of the Code is that risk management processes are used to inform the implementation of a marine safety management system (MSMS). The Code recommends the appointment of a Designated Person (DP) to provide independent assurance to the Duty Holder that the MSMS is working effectively and is compliant with the Code.

ABPmer was appointed by Harwich Haven Authority to provide the role of DP for the Authority. The Authority is a Trust Port, which is a statutory body governed by legislation and managed by an independent Board. The Authority’s area of jurisdiction covers the River Stour, the lower part of the River Orwell, Harwich Harbour and a twelve nautical mile stretch of sea leading into the Haven. Harwich Haven Authority manages a wide range of vessels including Ultra Large Container Ships visiting the Port of Felixstowe, specialist cargo vessels, continental ferry services and a large recreational community.

The arrival and departure of vessels is coordinated and balanced, for the benefit of all the Haven Port users through the operation of an integrated Pilotage and Vessel Traffic Services. The Authority coordinates about 15,000 commercial vessel movements per year, to and from the Haven Ports.

ABPmer’s experienced DP team support Harwich Haven Authority with its diverse range of maritime activities. The services we provide to the Authority include an annual port marine safety code audit and summary presentation to the Board. On a quarterly basis, we also report on marine safety and compliance, following sampling of marine performance indicators. The DP service also includes on-call support services on marine technical matters as the Authority may require.

Our maritime risk specialists are dedicated to helping ports and other marine operators meet the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code, regularly developing and auditing Safety Management Systems.


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