Route corridor study for Moorside Nuclear

Supporting the Moorside Nuclear Power Station project, providing advice on marine options for export cables

ABPmer was commissioned to provide advice concerning marine options for export cables from the proposed Moorside Nuclear Power Station at Sellafield, transiting to the Fylde Coast.

We carried out an initial route corridor marine environmental impact study to identify possible options for a marine cable route. We then undertook an options appraisal of the marine environmental elements of these routes, in accordance with National Grid's options appraisal guidance. We considered issues associated with physical processes, marine ecology, ornithology, fish and shellfish, commercial fisheries, navigation and other marine users.

The study examined the full range of issues and interactions associated with the installation, operation and decommissioning of large (1GW) HVDC cables in the marine environment. Extensive consultation was subsequently undertaken with marine stakeholders in the Irish Sea, in line with requirements for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in England. The options were subject to full public consultation.

ABPmer has since been commissioned to undertake all marine elements of the EIA and support on marine licensing for the preferred option.