Coastal management strategy for Morecambe

Supporting Lancaster City Council with a coastal management strategy for the Morecambe Town Frontage.

Lancaster City Council commissioned ABPmer to develop a Coastal Management Strategy for the Morecambe Town frontage. The purpose of the strategy was to implement the shoreline management plan policies in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Working with Coastal Engineering UK, we built upon the work we had previously carried out for the frontages north and south of the main town frontage.

The project involved site surveys, data collation, a conceptual physical processes understanding, forecast of the potential shoreline evolution, and an options appraisal.

The primary focus was to understand the effectiveness of the existing coastal defences and to identify any changes, monitoring and maintenance required over the next 100 years. The strategy, we provided, identified the interventions required to manage the coastal erosion and flood risk in the short, medium and long term.

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