Metocean data for vessel passage planning

Using SEASTATES to inform deep-sea transit between Denmark and Taiwan

To support the passage planning of  vessels, FOWIC requires robust metocean data. 

FOWIC regularly uses ABPmer’s Weather Downtime Express (WDTX) service to help them account for potential delays caused by wind speed and wave height in excess of working limits.

To plan for a new vessel transit between Denmark and Taiwan, FOWIC required additional information about the nature of currents (speed, direction and variability) on different parts of the global route. These data were needed to understand if currents were likely to significantly affect the speed of the vessel over the ground and, subsequently, the passage of time overall and in specific sections with implications for bunkerage planning, weather downtime, etc).

Using timeseries from our own global SEASTATES tide, surge and wave models and other global metocean model datasets, we provided detailed information on local metocean conditions and climate for over 30 locations around the world. The locations were chosen manually on the basis of mapped exceedance statistics for wind speed and wave height, so as to characterise large areas of similar wind and wave climate, and to provide regular information throughout the length of the route.

Such global datasets do not, however, provide the most accurate representation of hurricanes and typhoons. The data used to inform this study, and the derivative metocean statistics, were thus supported by historic information on tropical storms from IBTrACS (International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship) database. 

The output of the study was regional climatological summaries for five distinct climatic regions along the route together with more quantitative wind, wave and current statistics at specific locations.

Our highly skilled metocean consultants use an extensive suite of numerical modelling and analytical software to support projects and operations worldwide.

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SEASTATES metocean information

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