Metocean data and statistics for Petrofac

Wave and current data and statistics to inform engineering analysis

When a developer, operator, manager or contractor does not have metocean data for decisions, a supplier needs to be found. Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd came to us for wave and current data and statistics for a specific site in UK waters.

Using our SEASTATES wave hindcast database we described the “total sea” condition for the place of interest and provided wave time series data at hourly intervals including significant wave height, peak wave period and near bed orbital velocity.

Using our SEASTATES tide and surge hindcast database we gave Petrofac information on the total currents (both tidal and surge effects) together with data provision at specific reference levels (near bed, surface, etc).

We also provided a history severe weather events and wave and current statistics as scatter tables.

Petrofac used all this data to inform their engineering analysis.

Our highly skilled metocean consultants use an extensive suite of numerical modelling and analytical software to support projects and operations worldwide.

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SEASTATES metocean information

Our dedicated metocean website provides access to free global metocean statistics and a free trial of our weather downtime calculator.