Menai Strait activities assessment

Review maritime activities within the Strait to make recommendations for management improvements

The Menai Strait is a narrow waterway between the Island of Anglesey and mainland Wales. The Strait is in regular use by commercial vessel operators, recreational boat users, jet skiers, fishermen and paddlecraft. It has a unique and diverse ecology with national and international designations.

Isle of Anglesey County Council wanted to understand the risks associated with increased use of the Strait, identify control measures, and consider how to minimise negative impacts on the local communities.

The Council commissioned ABPmer to review maritime activities within the whole Menai Strait, with particular focus on an area between the Menai Suspension Bridge and Puffin Island, and make recommendations where management might be improved.

We undertook a site visit and engaged with stakeholders through a targeted questionnaire and follow-up discussions, to understand:

  • The study area geography, including topography, bathymetry, water space, principal conurbation, and access points
  • Sea-state and wave conditions
  • Floral and faunal ecology and conservation designations
  • Relevant marine plans and policy
  • Marine space management, including harbour authority and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) duties, Council byelaws, local and national legislation, and marine safety management measures
  • Stakeholders and their core activities
  • The socio-economic role of the Strait in the community

A report detailing management recommendations was delivered to the County Council, providing recommendations to improve management of maritime activities on the Strait.

Our maritime specialists have extensive experience undertaking Marine Risk Assessments and other checks to inform management and consents decision making.

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