Marine licence application support for Bristol Channel dredging

EIA, HRA and WFDA delivery for the Area 526 licence application

The Resource Management Association applied for permissions to dredge marine aggregates from a new area, named Area 526, in the Inner Bristol Channel.

The Welsh/English border runs through Area 526, resulting in the area existing in both English and Welsh waters. Due to this, two marine licences, one from the English authority (the Marine Management Organisation ) and the other from the Welsh authority (Natural Resources Wales) were required before aggregate extraction could occur in the respective jurisdictions

ABPmer was commissioned to provide the assessments to accompany the respective marine licence applications. This included undertaking the Environmental Impact Assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment and a Water Framework Directive Assessment. Furthermore, the assessments were underpinned by a Coastal Impact Study which involved extensive numerical modelling for a series of dredge scenarios. Our role also included comprehensive stakeholder engagement to ensure full co-ordination across the various consenting bodies.

Permissions have now been granted and dredging is being undertaken in Area 526.

ABPmer’s planning and consents specialists regularly prepare environmental statements and support developers through the minefield of marine consents.