Imagining the future using 3D visuals

Helping ABP communicate the redevelopment potential of its port estate

Stakeholder engagement is an essential part of strategic planning and development. Recognising that visual presentation is key to helping people understand, Associated British Ports wanted a set of images to help communicate the redevelopment potential of its port estate to customers.

ABPmer was commissioned to create 3D visualisations of the planned modification of a port, including construction stages. Such visualisation is an intuitive way for customers to contrast existing facilities with the proposed redevelopment of an area.

The brief was to produce still images showing the port in pre- and post-development phases. Images of the construction stages that would be needed to convert the port area to its new purpose were also required.

We developed a 3D model of the port based on GIS data, along with background elements to provide context. We then populated the port model with additional custom 3D models to complete the scene. These included items such as vessels, buildings, construction equipment, and manufacturing material. All model items were built to the same scale so that the real-world sizes of elements in the new scene could be compared. This allowed confirmation that the shipping configuration of the redeveloped area would be fit for purpose in accommodating the vessel types required for commercial operations.

Client input is an important part of the model creation process; a preliminary draft model allowed the client to provide feedback during the model development. Model elements were then adjusted according to the client’s requests and additional items added.

The availability of a complete 3D model of the scene allowed the client to view the entire port and to select images of their choice.

This resulted in a portfolio of 25 still images of the port scene for the client to use when talking to customers about future development at the port.

ABPmer’s data and GIS specialists are experienced marine data handlers, developing bespoke GIS mapping and data management tools for governing bodies, the public sector and marine and coastal operators.

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