MAIB investigation support

ABPmer's metocean data helps investigators understand metocean conditions pre-incident

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) is an arm of the UK Department for Transport. The role of MAIB is to contribute to safety at sea by determining the causes and circumstances of marine accidents and working with others to reduce the likelihood of such accidents recurring in the future.

As part of an investigation, we were asked to provide metocean conditions for a specified period before and during the accident in question.

The SEASTATES hindcast database was ideally placed to support the MAIB. Using the high-resolution SEASTATES model of tidal and storm surge conditions over an area of shallow offshore sandbanks together with our expert interpretation, MAIB gained increased understanding of the possible environmental factors contributing to the accident.

Our outputs were provided in a GIS format so as they could be presented alongside the other resources available to the MAIB, in order to provide a complete understanding of the conditions leading up to the incident.



SEASTATES metocean information

Our dedicated metocean website provides access to free global metocean statistics and a free trial of our weather downtime calculator.