Supporting MPI Offshore decision-making

ABPmer's Weather Downtime Express helps MPI Offshore with decision-making and operational planning.

MPI Offshore owns and operates four purpose-built vessels which install wind turbines, foundation and transition pieces in NW Europe.

Unplanned short term delays due to weather in the course of an operation are referred to individually and collectively as weather downtime. To manage the risk posed by weather downtime, statistical predictions are used to understand the likelihood and magnitude of any delay. ABPmer provides statistical estimates of likely weather downtime tailored to a contractor’s operational tasks, site of interest and home ports.

MPI Offshore Ltd is a regular user of ABPmer’s online on-demand Weather Downtime Express calculator that provides direct access to the SEASTATES hindcast database to inform both their decision-making and operational planning.

Our highly skilled metocean consultants use an extensive suite of numerical modelling and analytical software to support projects and operations worldwide.

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