Designated Person for Port of London Authority

ABPmer's appointment as Designated Person helps Port of London Authority comply with the PMSC

The Port of London Authority (PLA) is a Trust Port and has responsibility for maintaining the safety of navigation for 83 nautical miles of the tidal Thames from Teddington Lock to the Outer Thames Estuary. Vessel traffic ranges from Ultra Large Container Ships through to multiple ferry operators, barge transports and a large range of recreational activities.

The Port Marine Safety Code is the national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. A central requirement of the Code is that risk management processes are used to inform the implementation of a marine safety management system (MSMS). The Code recommends the appointment of a Designated Person to provide independent assurance directly to the Duty Holder that the MSMS is working effectively and is compliant with the requirements of the Code.

ABPmer is the Designated Person for the PLA, regularly reporting to the Authority to provide a review of measures and an assurance statement that their MSMS is working effectively.

Our maritime risk specialists are dedicated to helping ports and other marine operators meet the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code, regularly developing and auditing Safety Management Systems.

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