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Supporting critical infrastructure management and developing Asset Management Plans

ABPmer, supported by Water Solutions International Ltd (WSI), were commissioned by Majis to prepare an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for the Central Effluent Treatment and Recycling Plant (CETRP) within the Sohar Industrial Port Area.

The CETRP was being constructed to accept waste streams from a number of industrial premises on the port estate with the aim of moving towards a zero waste objective established by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA). In order for Majis to operate the facility, it was necessary to agree with MECA an ERP for managing variations in the quality of incoming effluent to the plant.

ABPmer prepared a draft ERP which identified various emergency scenarios and proposed how best to manage them, identifying cases where an Emergency Discharge Permit (EDP) might be necessary.

The ERP also quantified the risks to the receiving (marine) environment from any emergency discharges and recommended appropriate mitigation measures.

The draft ERP was discussed and approved by all key parties at a workshop in London and subsequently implemented through agreements with relevant parties.

ABPmer is a recognised authority in numerical modelling and metocean criteria, and is regularly called upon to provide technical input to engineering design that satisfies both consenting requirements and international standards.