Cable route design support for Burbo Bank

ABPmer's SEASTATES data supported the design and installation of an export cable route at Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm.

To support the design and installation of the export cable route and inter-array cables at Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm, we provided a range of metocean design and operational criteria.

Using the SEASTATES hindcast database as input, and survey bathymetry data we developed local high-resolution hydrodynamic and wave models to provide the long term databases required for robust statistical analysis of metocean conditions.

In addition to standard metocean design criteria and specifically for this project, we provided orbital wave velocities near the seabed to support the design of concrete mattresses for the cable crossings, and breaking wave conditions at the surface under ‘normal’ and ‘extreme’ conditions to support fatigue analysis.

This region is incredibly dynamic and we used our extensive experience to determine the extent of local seabed mobility and its associated impact upon the operational and extreme metocean conditions.

Our experience in this region enabled us to develop a holistic technical approach and helped us in providing a comprehensive study of the metocean conditions for detailed design.


SEASTATES metocean information

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