ABP property lease digitisation and SAP/GIS solution

Integrating asset and tenant management using GIS platforms

Managing a large estate, such as a port, is a complex process involving a variety of activities, including property lease management, stakeholder engagement, asset management and operations.

Available, accurate and up-to-date data held in a digital system saves time and gives surveyors the means to visualise, understand and manage the estate. Using a GIS platform, accessed through web-based data viewers, where other contextual mapping such as Ordnance Survey MasterMap can be overlaid, adds value to the existing datasets.

Recognising that such a system would increase efficiency within the property team, ABP commissioned ABPmer to install development and production GIS systems that would provide the data and web solutions needed.

As part of the project, we curated property estate spatial data layers (including contracts and buildings) for all ABP ports, detailing tenant details and lease information. These data layers were subsequently uploaded to the corporate GIS solution for ABP’s property team to manage.

ABP’s SAP solution was extended to include the Property REFX module and ABPmer built an integration solution to unify SAP record attributes with the property spatial layers. The outputs were then made available as web enabled map layers.

The ABP Property team views and queries the SAP enriched data layers in a secured property GIS web app, which has been developed to support the team in their daily operational tasks.

ABPmer’s data and GIS specialists are experienced marine data handlers, developing bespoke GIS mapping and data management tools for governing bodies, the public sector and marine and coastal operators.

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