A photo of fishing vessels at Brixham Harbour A photo of fishing vessels at Brixham Harbour

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Social and economic importance of fisheries - IIFET conference outputs published

The outputs from the session organised and chaired by Suzannah Walmsley, fisheries specialist at ABPmer, at the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET) conference in Aberdeen (11-15 July 2016) have now been published.

The session was held to discuss the social and economic importance of fisheries, and how this should be taken into account in policy decision-making and benefited from a broad range of viewpoints and contributions from industry, government, and researchers.

The aim was to explore both industry’s concerns with socio-economic assessment, and decision-makers’ needs in assessing the impacts of different policies across a range of sectors, of which fisheries is one of many. The presentations and discussions that followed raised a number of interesting points.

Paper: Special Session on Recognising and Assessing Social and Economic Values in Fisheries

Conference presentation slides  

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