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Report published: Socio-economic benefits of marine industries in the Seabed User & Developer Group

ABPmer report demonstrates the economic and social value of SUDG marine sectors and assesses of the impacts on natural capital assets and ecosystem services.

UK marine industries make an essential contribution to economic and social well-being. Recognising that the last detailed assessment of the economic contribution of UK marine industries was produced by David Pugh in 2008, the Seabed User and Developer Group (SUDG) commissioned ABPmer and ICF to produce an updated evaluation. The results of this work have now been published.

The Seabed User & Developer Group (SUDG) represents some of the UK’s key marine industries: oil and gas, renewable energy, marine aggregates, ports, submarine cables, recreational boating and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

SUDG understands that the sea around our shores is a sensitive environment that needs to be valued and protected, in addition to being a working environment that makes a substantial contribution to society.

The report* provides up-to-date picture of the economic and social value of the SUDG marine sectors and potential benefits of their sustainable development over the next 20 years, as well as an assessment of the positive and negative impacts on natural capital assets and ecosystem services.

Download the report from the SUDG website.

*Developed with financial assistance from The Crown Estate, Energy UK and BMAPA