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Report published - Impact of Alternative Fish Trade Agreements Post EU-Exit Assessment

Our report that examined the possible impacts of EU exit on Scottish and UK seafood industries has been published by the Scottish Government.

Recognising that Brexit has the potential to impact the Scottish economy, the Scottish Government has been comparing various future trade arrangements, and how these impacts may vary across different parts of the economy, including Scotland's seafood industries.

ABPmer conducted research, with support from InterAnalysis and Vivid Economics, to examine the possible impacts of EU exit on Scottish and UK seafood industries, using a range of hypothetical scenarios reflecting changes in three drivers of international trade in seafood: tariffs; non-tariff measures; and production levels as determined by fishing quotas for wild capture fisheries.

The research findings suggest that Scottish and UK seafood output would benefit from continued free trade. The introduction of tariffs and non-tariff measures relative to the status quo would have negative impacts on both UK and EU output and trade flows. It also found that any potential benefits from increased fishing quotas would reduce with increasing tariff and non-tariff measures once the UK leaves the European Single Market and the Customs Union.

Download the report from GOV.SCOT.