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Menai Strait activities assessment underway to inform management measures

ABPmer will assess maritime activities on the Strait and make recommendations where management might be improved.

Isle of Anglesey County Council has commissioned ABPmer to review maritime activities within the whole Menai Strait (Afon Meni) with increased focus on an area between the Menai Suspension Bridge and Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol).

The Menai Strait is a narrow waterway between the Island of Anglesey and mainland Wales. The Strait is in regular use by commercial vessel operators, recreational boat users, jet skiers, fishermen and paddlecraft. It has a unique and diverse ecology with national and international designations.

ABPmer will assess maritime activities on the Strait and make recommendations where management might be improved.

Harry Aitchison, Project Manager at ABPmer, said

“Engaging with stakeholders will be key to this review. We need to understand the risks associated with increased use of the Strait and identify control measures. We will also identify how to minimise negative impacts on the local communities.
The review will account for maritime activities and the interactions between protected environmental areas, marine safety, as well as the economic value of the Strait and the benefits it provides local communities and their wellbeing.”

Anglesey Council’s Major Projects and Economic Development portfolio holder, Councillor Carwyn Jones, said

“The Menai Strait is an iconic waterway that plays a vital role as a local amenity, as well as supporting our economy, environment and tourism industry.
The Strait’s ecological importance, coupled with its growing recreational popularity in recent years, means we need to look again at its management and marine safety.
This new assessment commissioned by the County Council will allow us to engage with various stakeholders as we work to ensure a balanced approach to the Strait’s future management which will sustain livelihoods, leisure activities and community use for many years to come.”

A report detailing management recommendations is expected to be delivered in August 2021.

ABPmer’s maritime specialists have extensive experience undertaking Marine Risk Assessments and other checks to inform management and consents decision making.