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IEMA again commends ABPmer’s EIA excellence

ABPmer has successfully maintained its registration under IEMA’s EIA Quality Mark scheme.

ABPmer is pleased to announce that the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has maintained its registration under the EIA Quality Mark for a further three years.

IEMA, the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, is an expert body in the EIA field.

IEMA awards their Quality Mark to UK consultancies that:

  • Effectively manage their EIA process
  • Maintain staff capabilities relating to EIA development
  • Present transparent, understandable assessment findings
  • Take action to improve EIA practice

The Institute reviews registrants annually to ensure they continue to deliver added value to their clients.

In its recent assessment, IEMA interviewed EIA specialists, reviewed an ABPmer Environmental Statement (ES) and tested adherence to seven key commitments.

IEMA described ABPmer’s EIAs as “thorough and well-scoped” and commended its clear presentation of stakeholder engagement activities and impact pathways. They also praised efforts to support staff learning and development, as well as how the company has succeeded in keeping collaboration high despite enforced home working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Damon O’Brien, Managing Director at ABPmer, said:

“It is superb to get such good feedback on our business processes and deliverables. I’m proud of the hard work everyone puts in to delivering high-quality EIAs for our clients, that ensure both effective environmental design and sustainability of marine developments."

Natalie Frost, ABPmer’s Planning and Consents Business Manager, said:

“ABPmer believes in continual improvement and this renewal demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all EIA activities for our clients as well as the regulator experience."

IEMA highlights four benefits to those using an EIA Quality Mark registrant: confidence that they will deliver an efficient and effective assessment; cost effectiveness through their access to all the latest EIA resources; credibility in the eyes of consenting authorities, stakeholders and local communities; and technical capability through their commitment to ongoing staff training and development.

Find out more about the IEMA EIA Quality Mark, and about ABPmer’s consents and licensing services.