Irish Sea fishing vessels map. HMS Queen Victoria photo. Google Earth currents. Irish Sea fishing vessels AIS map. A photo of HMS Queen Victoria at ABP Southampton.

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E-zine Issue 28: The value of AIS - Port masterplanning - A changing metocean climate

Read the latest issue of our quarterly E-zine, including: the implications of our changing metocean climate and how master planning helps ports prepare for the future.

The latest ABPmer E-zine is now available, delivering the latest news, insights, training events and other stories.

In this issue:

  • What is the value of AIS data outside the shipping sector?
  • How does masterplanning help ports prepare for the future?
  • What are the implications of our changing metocean climate?
  • How GPS tagging supports waterbird research across Southampton Water
  • Three decades of managed realignment: the key takeaways
  • How can beach design provide sustainable coastal protection?
  • What is the socio-economic value of the SUDG marine sectors?
  • Our latest training courses

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