ABPmer client experience survey ABPmer client experience survey

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Client feedback confirms our continued service excellence

The results of our 2021 client experience surveys once again demonstrate outstanding customer service.

ABPmer enjoyed another year of outstanding client feedback throughout 2021.

Despite continuing to deal with challenges of COVID-19, we have again seen our consultancy service being ranked better, or much better, than others our clients have worked with.

In fact, 87% of those asked during the year told us we were better or much better than similar consultancies.

ABPmer 2021 customer satisfaction pie chart

We asked our clients how we compare to similar consultancies they have worked with

Customer delight is at the centre of all we do, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to service excellence.

We are, therefore, incredibly pleased that our clients’ perception of us aligns with our company values.

We recognise that others may do what we do, but not how we do it; our service and delivery are what sets us apart.

In the knowledge that client loyalty is derived from satisfaction, we take service delivery seriously, asking every client to complete a feedback survey following project conclusion.

The survey asks for an assessment of our performance across different areas of the service provided. The feedback is used to inform service improvements, where relevant.

We are consistently rated highly for our professionalism, technical ability and responsiveness.

ABPmer specialises in one of the most challenging environments on earth, the ocean. Our technical specialists understand the ocean’s systems, the life it supports and how man makes use of it. Our experienced subject leads can deliver solutions to even the most challenging project. Find the specialist you need.