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Our dedicated survey website details all ABPmer marine and coastal survey services alongside examples of recent survey experience.

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ABPmer launches dedicated survey services website

The website represents a turning point for ABPmer, where increasingly their survey capability is being contracted as a standalone service.

Marine consultancy ABPmer has recently launched a dedicated website showcasing its marine and coastal survey capability;

The website represents a turning point for ABPmer. The company has always undertaken both ecological and physical surveys to support its consultancy offering, such as baseline surveys to inform EIAs or gathering data to develop marine numerical models. However, increasingly their survey capability is being contracted as a standalone service.

Collectively they offer a wide range of marine survey capability from ecological and topographic to hydrographic and oceanographic, as well as data processing, charting and laboratory analysis.

Damon O’Brien, Managing Director at ABPmer said:

“With an extensive range of service personnel, vessels and instruments located in various ABP ports, ABPmer is being regularly asked to undertake bespoke, coastal and inshore surveys around the UK for operators, developers and government agencies.
Recent examples of the success of this standalone service include monitoring the impact of aggregate dredging on fishing areas, undertaking a geophysical survey for a proposed tidal lagoon, and current profiling to inform the citing of a marina.
We want to help people quickly find the survey services they need, hence the creation of a dedicated survey microsite.”

ABPmer’s survey personnel includes ecologists, geomorphologists, hydrographic surveyors, lab technicians, marine mammal observers, oceanographers and ornithologists.

For more information about ABPmer’s survey capability and experience, visit the Marine and Coastal Survey microsite.