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ABPmer appointed Designated Person for the Port of Rye

We have been appointed by the Port of Rye to provide an independent Designated Person (DP) service as outlined in the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

Marine consultancy ABPmer has been appointed by the Environment Agency to provide independent Designated Person (DP) services for the Port of Rye, as described in the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC).

Located on the River Rother with open navigational access to the English Channel, the commercial port is a busy recreational and yachting centre, with a larger fishing fleet. The Environment Agency is the Statutory Harbour Authority and the Local Lighthouse Authority for the Port of Rye, as well as the Competent Harbour Authority within the meaning of the Pilotage Act.

As the Statutory Harbour Authority, the Environment Agency recognises that marine safety management is critical to the port’s ongoing success and development. Safe port marine operations are underpinned through implementing the requirements of the PMSC.

The PMSC is the national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. A central requirement of the Code is that risk management processes are used to inform the implementation of a marine safety management system (MSMS). The Code recommends the appointment of a DP to provide independent assurance directly to the Duty Holder that the MSMS is working effectively and is compliant with the Code.

Monty Smedley, Head of Maritime at ABPmer, said “We are delighted to be appointed to provide DP services for the Port of Rye. We recently held a Hazard Identification Workshop at the port, and look forward to seeing the outputs of this consultation used to inform risk management.

We will shortly undertake a comprehensive review of the port’s MSMS and associated procedures to provide reassurance that the Harbour Authority is fully compliant with the Code.”

ABPmer has a wealth of experience providing PMSC support to both large and smaller port and harbour operators. Our Master Mariners, marine scientists, regulatory advisors and auditors provide a total risk management solution tailored to the needs of the port and harbours sector.

To learn more, visit our Port Risk Management microsite.