Flood Risk/Resilience

The potential impact of flooding (and coastal erosion) during storm surge events, both socially and economically, are substantial. In order to reduce the risk of future flood events, the planning and implementation of adequate prevention, protection and/or preparedness are necessary in the short, medium and long term. A cycle of integrated risk management is a generally accepted concept, which describes the consecutive phases that a society should undertake to improve flood resilience.

ABPmer has considerable experience in supporting flood risk management at both strategic and project level using a combination of data analysis, joint probability assessment, numerical modelling and coastal process investigations.

We maintain and advance a wide range of sophisticated 1D, 2D and 3D modelling software to ensure clients are benefiting from the latest technologies and research initiatives.

We work closely with a range of sectors, supporting the design and delivery of flood defence strategies and schemes for government agencies and public authorities. The impacts of the recent extreme weather events witnessed across the UK clearly demonstrate that ensuring the future of UK flood resilience is not only a national issue but that local communities must also work together. ABPmer is assisting owners of critical infrastructure to assess the current and future flood risk to their assets, and the flood resilience measures necessary to keep these assets (e.g. power supply, port infrastructure) in operation during extreme events.


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